About Us

YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD , Business scope of YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING  Trade includes import and export; distribution of agricultural products, chemical fertilizer, chemical products, petrochemical products, synthetic and chemical fiber, linen, silk, textile products, garments , steel, non-ferrous metal, wood, automobile and parts; franchised distribution of package food; warehousing and transportation; investment and asset management.

YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING Trade has clients in over the countries and regions around the world. In China, it has built a distribution network covering the north, the east, the south and the west regions. Particularly Asian Countries, Middle East, and Africa. There are no words to describe the rapid growth and development of YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING Groups or what we are known as today, the growth can be credited to our philosophy of putting the customers first. We know that our success is not made from the quick sale, but from the development of a relationship with our customers. Continually our customers look to us for fair and competitive pricing, fast and efficient service, and knowledgeable product advice. The commitment, energy and talent of our employees are our greatest assets.

Our products are intended to create spaces that are personal and elegant, exclusive and amazing, allowing us to go about our daily routine surrounded by luxury, style and good taste. From the very beginning, we have been developing a range of designed ceramic products and prefab house to satisfy individual wishes, tastes and needs. Creating alternative formats, designs, textures, styles, colors and finishes, using materials of the highest technical quality, offering the right solutions, and carrying out constant research to develop a product adapted to the latest market trends. This are all made possible because the people on the team at YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING  are all committed professionals, keen to work together on a common project and each determined to continue offering their best.

YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING is a business venture that started out with a lot of enthusiasm and has been rewarded over the years with acceptance by the market. The company’s evolution and empathy with our clients made it necessary to extend our productive capacity, leading to the installation of new links, revamping our range of products, and including more technically advanced building material products, along with the acquisition of new facilities to meet the demands of our consumers. This in turn led to a need to renew our business and administrative structures. This all resulted in a dramatic rise in our sales figures, largely based on our increased exports, and included more and more countries with each passing year. The quality and design of our products and the seriousness of our business proposal. The company is currently well established as one of the major players in the building materials sector – one of the China productive sectors that enjoy most recognition and prestige in the world.

Introducing to the world of latest and newest trends in building construction and building materials, high-end technology and brand new styles, techniques and design. YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING  comes into the scene as the leading and primary source of this breakthrough technology that will change the pace of the construction industry. Though it has already been a trend in the building construction for quite some time, YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING has made it a point that continuous study and design will be on the loom so that it will make the trend setting boost not only in Mainland China but will be a trend worldwide. As China being the main source of the latest technology today, YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING has overwhelmingly done its part in contributing to the design, manufacture and marketing worldwide of this technology.

With the solid experience in the world of building materials technology, YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING  has set a strong management in achieving it’s “Passion for Excellence” towards leading all other companies being the Number One supplier of this trend setting. Our company is committed to be one of China’s leading distributor of  prefab house, prefabricated villas, modular combining house, cabin, sentry box, adding storey’s, etc. not only in China but extending its market worldwide and achieving our goal as the main source of this high end technology.

YSYC is an integrated enterprise specialized in light steel housing products in design, manufacturing, marketing and application.

We professionally supply the products that cover movable prefab house, prefabricated villas, modular combining house, cabin, sentry box, adding storey’s, etc. All products are characterized with cost saving, easy transportation, fast construction, flexible combination, and green sustainable system. They can be applied to different areas. We are willing with you together to actively promote in the global housing industrialization diligently.

We keep the “first class products, first class quality, first class service” as our objectives, the spirit of solidarity, pragmatic, pioneering, and enterprising, science and technology, and efficiency as our business philosophy. Always maintain products with colleagues leading position since its creation. We also pursue “profile-oriented, standardized management, and client-centric as our operating principle. We look after the quality, preparation and integrity as our enterprise’s life goal.

YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING, now undergoes re-organization and re-development of its management focusing on Sales and Marketing Team to be able to reach all clients satisfactorily and keeping them aware of newest designs and latest technology. Setting a goal not only to be based in Shanghai, our company targets to spread it’s vast wings to different parts of Asia and eventually, reaching other parts of the globe making a stellar outcome of satellite branches worldwide.

As we focus our company to be client-based, we make sure that total satisfaction will be on the edge. Having painstakingly built an impeccable track record in sales and distribution of this technology, we go the extra mile to ensure at the most client satisfaction.

Our Vision

To improve the Lifestyle of our Customers by providing innovative products and Services

To be the number one retailer of building materials globally

To be the most preferred Universal Choice for its customers by the year 2017.

Always offer our customers our best possible services that should remain better than our competitors, and thus ensuring that this customer becomes loyal to our services because their interests are better served when dealing with us. We seek to provide our customers with superior products and innovative business solutions to help them grow.


Our Mission

YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING  would achieve its vision:

By setting high standards in service, quality, safety and environment

By serving our customers and community with quality products at unmatched prices to build their dream homes into reality.

By providing environment friendly and innovative building materials and services to the construction industry

Our goals are to continually grow the added value to the products we offer and to continually improve our services to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and needs allowing us to grow our business and provide a reasonable return to the owners of this business.


Our Values


Respect &Recognition of Employees & Customers

Team Work

Service to Customers and the Society

Passion for Excellence in Everything we do

To treat every employee as an individual with dignity insuring that everyone at YH INTERNATIONAL TRADING  HK Groups Co Ltd feels he owns part of the company and contributes to its growth and development through open communication channels with senior management, continuous training and education, and through incentives related to the overall performance of the division or company. We strive to create a safe, rewarding and challenging working environment for our employees.